A downloadable game for Windows

Made for the 2nd Processing (No Game Engine) Jam! Theme: Food!

As you fall into a trance-like state from a whole night of gaming, you realize you're dreaming of your favorite game, "Sweet Maze!"

Running on ice cream and dodging between cakes, you quickly pick up mints to score, as you dash against the clock to make it to the checkered end!


  • [Arrow Keys] - Move (Tank Controls)
  • [Shift] - Run
  • [Z + Left/Right Arrow Keys] - Strafe (Somewhat...)
  • [Space] - Select in Menu/Interact with Signs/NPCs

Oh, and signs have the magical power to stop time when you read them, so don't worry if you stop to smell the roses near one!

About the Processing (No Game Engine) Jam

The PNGEJam presents the unique challenge of using no external engines nor libraries whatsoever! All of the code to run the game and all of the assets were designed over the course of an entire week!

Install instructions

Simply download the folder for Windows (32 or 64 bit), extract, and run!

Or recompile the source in Processing... Either way is up to you!


Sweet Maze 32x.zip 4 MB
Sweet Maze 64x.zip 73 MB
Sweet Maze Source.zip 304 kB

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