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"Awesome Per Second"

Welcome to your Final Exam, rookie... Your mission is to fly out to Pluto on a planetary research expedition. Auto pilot should make it a breeze, but in case there’s any problem, I’ll remind you of your flight controls:

Tilt Left/ Tilt RightA / D
Turn ShipMouse Movement
Toggle Camera PerspectiveC
Cut the chatter (skip cutscene)Space


I loved Star Wars as a kid! Seeing the Millennium Falcon fly through the asteroid field was amazing in Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back.

So, I decided to do a clone of it, mimicking the style of my childhood gaming, the N64!

It's not entirely functional, and I will be putting out an update that makes some elements a bit nicer, but I got 99% of what I wanted done, so I'm content!

Patch 1.1 officially fixes all major bugs!


  • (Post-Jam) Fixes a bug causing scenes to not load properly
  • (During-Jam) Created assets for asteroids (unused in Jam Release)
  • (Post-Jam) Changed the asteroids to their assets


Install instructions

Download, extract, and run!


Rock Dodge v1.1 (Patch for Post-Jam Release) 27 MB
Rock Dodge v1.1 (Mac Port).zip 28 MB
EC Jam Release v1.0 27 MB

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