A downloadable game for Windows

This is a prototype!

Diving is a lot of fun, but you seem to be missing some gear! Find the gear to win the demo!

Okay... Actually, uh... There is no win screen. You can just close it out with Escape. Yep. Escape. Also, there is no sound.

Controls (Land)

RunWASD / Controller Stick 1
JumpSpacebar / ControllerButton 1 & 2
Move CameraMouse / Controller Stick 2

Controls (Ocean)

TurnMouse / Controller Joystick 1 & 2
SwimSpacebar / LMB / Controller Button 1 & 2
PaddleSpacebar / LMB / Controller Button 1 & 2 (Hold)


Personal RebreatherIncreases Total Oxygen
FlippersAllows Diver to Swim Faster
Scuba GearIncreases Total Oxygen

Install instructions

Download and enjoy Ocean Diver 64!


Ocean Diver 64 (Jam Release).zip 19 MB

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