Nightfall Version 2: The Beautiful Ending Update

  • Added a post-epilogue credits animation! Enjoy!
  • Fixed some minor typos!


Up - Up Arrow / W  
Down - Down Arrow / S  
Left - Left Arrow / A  
Right - Right Arrow / D  
A - Alt / Z / J  
Start - Enter  


Read: Walk up to object and press A.

Push: Walk up to object and press A.

Talk: Walk up to object and press A.

Hope you enjoy!

AuthorJosh McMillan


Download 43 kB
Download 43 kB


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Really well put together! Loved the non-verbal puzzle communication, sound/art was great. (And a lot less reading :>)

Thanks! I'm not much of a novelist. Much more a game designer and programmer. :)


The soundtrack reminds me of Gaston's music from Beuty and the Beast, and that alone sold me on the game!

The art is incredible for the limitations given, and the gameplay is well polished.

This is overall one of the best entries in this Jam, and goes to show what can be done is such little time with a bit of imagination and hardiness!

Wow! Thanks for the compliments! The art and music is everything I was hoping it would be for the jam!


dig the soundtrack < 3


Thanks! <3