A downloadable game for Windows

Found on a floppy drive from long ago,

comes a tale that very few have ever known...

It's hero is one whom is not very famous,

but rest assured, he's certainly not nameless...

Faren's Tale:

Legend of Westdor

Install instructions

To play: download, extract, and run,

then kick back, enjoy, and have some fun!

Okay... I'll stop rhyming now XD

Thanks for Playing!

Support Information:

If you run into an issue, or you have a question, email your issue/suggestion at jmcmillan.programming@gmail.com. Please use subject line "Legend of Westdor: Support" as the subject line, as well as any Debug Logs that are relevant.


Legend of Westdor v1.2.zip 72 kB
Legend of Westdor v1.1.zip 69 kB
Legend of Westdor V. 1.0.zip 70 kB
Legend Of Westdor Beta1.zip 29 kB

Development log


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Game looks cool. Please linux version if possible


Great job, I can see that there is a lot of work here and it was your first game engine, impressive for a game jam, keep it up!


Thanks! I spent probably 80-90% of the Jam building the engine, and the last 10-20% was actually building all the assets for the game. Perhaps I should share my source code online for others? (Not like the engine's really that proprietary...)

Ahah  the same happened to me, I started working on the game 2 days before the dead line... Don't hesitate to share your source code imo, people are often interested by the "behind the scene". If you look at my entry, I uploaded a zip with the source code of the engine and some runnable demo scenes


Sounds cool! Tomorrow, I'll look at documenting my code a bit and documenting my custom level files (which are plain text, you could mod the game in the Rooms directory!) and I will see if I can't take a crack at these bugs before the file voting day. Also need to look into  a better profile pic. Wasn't a big concern on a deadline XD


You're motivated! It's a good practice to add  the documentation but my code is divided into more than 200 files and none are documented (not the time during the jam) xD It will be such a pain to do it now.. But I think that the majority of the code is clear/clean enough to be read and understood.

Fair enough. Most of my code is so readable, which probably was the only reason I finished. Probably the bigger systems are what need the most documentation, and some renaming of methods. Sometimes I would write a random name, and then all of the sudden be looking for it only to say "Now, why did I name it that? That's not even what it does!

Good news: I'm releasing very soon version 1.2, which includes a  log output that you can enable! Hopefully, it results in better game support :)