A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Santa's in trouble! Last night, a group of evil snowmen stole all of Santa's presents for the children of the world! Thankfully a group of brave elves have been dispatched to retrieve the prized bag!

However, this did not go according to plan. The elves never returned and Santa is running out of options. Herbert is the only one who can save Christmas now!

Keyboard Controls:

Move: Arrow Keys

Start Game / Interact: Spacebar

Controller Controls:

Move: Joystick 1

Start Game / Interact: Button... ? (Seems like it's different on every controller I try...)

Santa also knows there's a secret to be found. Can you find it?

Did you know?

  • You can sequence break this game? (It's not a bug - it's a feature!)
  • It was lovingly inspired by the Nintendo64 Hit Paper Mario?

Install instructions

Playing is easy! Download the version for Window you use (32 or 64 Bit), Unzip, the run!


This version simply makes the game a bit more enjoyable:

  • You can play full-screen, any resolution! (Perfect for streaming!)
  • You can press [Escape] to Quit!
  • None of the core game-play/graphics/music/story has been changed!
    • Enjoy the same buggy story as before, only in higher resolution!
  • If you STILL want to play the "Jam Release" version, it's still available in all it's Windowed, 640 x 480 glory (with no "Escape Button")! This was the one completed and uploaded within the Jam!


[Jam Edition] Herbert's Story 32-Bit.zip 14 MB
[Jam Edition] Herbert's Story 64-Bit.zip 16 MB
[POST JAM PATCH] Herbert's Story 32-Bit.zip 14 MB
[POST JAM PATCH] Herbert's Story 64-Bit.zip 16 MB
[POST JAM PATCH] Herbert's Story (Mac).zip 17 MB

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