A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Help Wanted: Driver!

Driver should love driving for criminals.

Planning to rob a bank truck.

Call 1 (800) 867-5309 and ask for Jenny...

Financial Getaway is a fast-paced vehicular survival game where you outrace a cop in a bank truck for a few minutes while your partner in crime tries to hack into a draw bridge that's up. But be careful! Take enough hits and all that hard earned income goes flying out the back!


KeyboardXbox Controller
MovementWASD / Arrow KeysLeft Stick
Action Sequence1 2 3 4 (Top Row)A B X Y
PauseEscapeXbox Button
Menu NavigationWASD / Arrow KeysLeft Stick
Confirm SelectionEnterA

What's new in Post-Jam Patch 1.1:

  • Controllers now have full access to menus. Hooray!
  • Audio can now play when adjusting volume sliders. Headphone users, RIP no more!
  • Windows, Mac, and Linux. Oh my!
  • Police are still overpowered.

Install instructions

Download and Run! Enjoy!

If you did enjoy, please rate and share a comment if you would like! I'd really appreciate it!

NOTE: Version 1.0 is the Jam Release. Version 1.1 is a Post-Jam Patch!


Financial Getaway (Windows 1.1).zip 25 MB
Financial Getaway (Mac 1.1).zip 24 MB
Financial Getaway (Linux 1.1).zip 25 MB
Financial Getaway (Windows Jam Release - v 1.0).zip 25 MB

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